Institutional Mandates

  • 100% Government debt

  • 100% Debt

  • Debt and Capitals (35%)

  • Debt and Capitals (40%)

  • What are they?


    Offers the services of a financial professional team dedicated to design and manage actively institutional clients investment portfolios, under specific and particular criteria related to investment and risk.

    Dynamic process of investment

    Policy: Along with the client, we identify the objectives, preferences, tolerance to risk and restrictions to establish the investment policy.

    Strategy: The strategy is defined and implemented through the combination of available assets in the market and according to its conditions.

    Monitoring: Market conditions, assets relative value, and circumstances of the client are continuously assessed.

    Adjustment: All required adjustments to the portfolio are performed in response to variables significant changes.

    Investment dynamic process

    Policy: Defined according to objectives, policies, restrictions and risk instructed by the client.

    Benchmark: Measurement and comparison parameter of the portfolio.

    Portfolio: Periodic monitoring of portfolio performance vs. Benchmark

    Risk Analysis: Monitoring of variables that impact portfolio performance, taking care of discrepancies through different risk measurements (VaR, Duration, Information, Ratio, Delta, etc.)

    Portfolio Optimization: Profitability is maximized through a proper selection of assets with the lowest possible risk, and the portfolio is daily sensitized to the market’s interest rates movements.