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Dear Investor:

Due to the relevance of the election race in the US and to the lot that has been said and speculated about this topic (especially the impact of a possible victory of Trump) in Actinver we have analyzed in depth the issue and have prepared this short document where we describe the scenarios that could be expected, both prior to the voting and post-election. Furthermore, we also describe the strategy that our funds will pursue, especially in the pre-voting period, which we consider could be volatile:

a) Pre-electoral Scenario (September – October)
During this fall of 2016, news will be mainly dominated by the US election campaigns, where in November the Presidency of that country will be decided. Similarly as with "Brexit" we think that financial assets (and particularly those in Mexico) could again enter into a period of very high volatility, and we could not obse... more


 2018, a year of big definitions for Mexico, what can we expect, where do we see risks and opportunities?

Dear Investor: It is my pleasure to address you again at the start of this year and before we start I would like to wish you a great 2018, a year that without a doubt will be filled with great challenges and difficulties, but with great opportunities as well, our country will definitely be closely watched by the entire world, not only because of our presidential elections but also awaiting the definition of NAFTA, both events will define the future of our country for the next 6 years. And, what can we expect from the international markets? Will the global rally in stock markets continue? Are the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis over and can we start to think about sustained economic growth in the US, Europe, China and the rest of the world? What will happen to the pes... more

Fund Guide

This document’s purpose is to provide a fast, practical and easy to comprehend guide on how to invest in your investment funds. Also, to have knowledge on the criteria on shaping an investment portfolio and the situations that can influence the return of your investment.