Mexico Equity Strategy: Weekly View - Trump-Biden Final Debate; 3Q20 Earnings Season Begins

The Covid-19 pandemic is advancing rapidly. There are a total of 40,356,840 infections (+6.7% WoW) and 1,119,426 deaths globally. U.S. daily cases at July levels; Europe with greater restrictions.

Positive U.S. futures. Mixed session in Europe. Optimism on talks of a stimulus package (pre-election) in the U.S. Pelosi declared Oct. 20. as the deadline for the White House.

In the U.S., 10% of the S&P-500 companies have reported 3Q20 results; 86% exceeding earnings per share expectations. To date, 2Q earnings have fallen -18.4% (vs. -21.0% est.).

In Mexico, we will have greater 3Q20 reporting activity starting this week. Tuesday, Oct. 21st, we will have our “Market Forum (Actinver): 3Q-2020 Earnings Season Perspectives”.

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