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Corporación Actinver is a Mexican company whose origins date to 1994 when Operadora Actinver, the fund management subsidiary, started operations.  Actinver Corporation is a holding company that offers financial services and products through its principal subsidiaries: (i) Actinver Brokerage House, (ii) Actinver Bank, (iii) Operadora Actinver, (iv) Actinver Holdings, and (v) Pure Leasing.

The principal activities of Actinver are fund management, securities brokerage services, commercial and private banking and leasing operations. The company is a leader in financial consulting in Mexico and is one of the fastest growing companies in its field in Mexico.

Actinver has significantly increased its assets under management as well as assets under custody through the combination of corporate acquisitions, marketing campaigns and the development of new financial products that meet customer needs.

Actinver has an expanding national presence with offices throughout the country, with physical presence in 23 states giving Actinver a significant national coverage.

The corporate headquarters are located at Avenida Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena 1200, Col. Centro de Ciudad Santa Fe, CP 01210, MexicoCity, Mexico; the telephone number is (55) 1103-6600.

Overall business strategy

Corporación Actinver has over nineteen years of experience in the financial sector providing customers with investment advisory and asset management services. As of December 31, 2012, Actinver held over 241 billion pesos in Assets Under Management and Custody. According to information published by the AMIB (Mexican Securities Industry Association) and the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission), as of December 31, 2012 Operadora Actinver was ranked as the seventh largest asset manager in Mexico . Actinver Brokerage House holds the second largest client base nationwide.

The objective of Actinver Corporation is to continue to growth its main businesses: fund management, commercial and private banking and securities brokerage as well as to expand into other related sectors while maintaining profitability.


  • 2012 Acquires 26% Lyonn Ross Capital Management, an asset management firm based in New York.

  • 2012 Acquisition of the Financial Advising Services and Private Banking branch of American Express Bank Mexico.

  • 2011 Acquires 51% of Pure Leasing S.A. de C.V.
    • Merges fund management subsidiaries.
  • 2010  Grupo Financiero Actinver is formed.
    • Corporación Actinver shares are listed on the Mexican Stock Market (Bolsa Mexicana de   Valores).
  • 2009 Acquires Prudential Bank and Prudential Financial (an investment fund manager), growing the business to 42 funds.

  • 2008 Afore Actinver is sold to MetLife.

  • 2007 Actinver Securities, an investment brokerage firm located in the United States is acquired.
    •  The first public bond issued by Actinver was placed in the Mexican Bolsa (due 2014).
  • 2006 Acquires Operadora de Fondos Lloyd.
  • 2004 Acquires Casa de Bolsa Bursamex (investment brokerage company)
  • 2003 Afore Actinver (pension fund Management Company) begins operations.
  • 2001 Acquires Finacorp, an investment fund management company.  
  • 1997 Actinver begins national expansion by opening branches in Monterrey, Puebla and Veracruz.

  • 1994 Receives authorization and begins operations as Operadora Actinver, a fund management company.