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Investment Funds
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Saving and Pension Plans

Savings Fund
  • The savings fund is a loan that an employer awards to its employees.

  • Consists of discounting from the employee a percentage of his salary while the employer delivers a contribution of the same amount as the employee

  • Needs to be included in the forecast plans of the company.

  • There need to be rules and regulations.

  • It needs to meet the legal requirements.

  • The employees can have these loans at their deposal once a year or in accordance with the policy of the company.

  • The employee contributes to the saving fund voluntarily and needs to be subject to the stipulated rules.

  • The savings funds can be managed as loans, whose interest will always be fixed in accordance with the committee. This interest rate will clearly be stated in the rules of the fund.

  • There is no cost to the client.

  • Frees the company of excessive administrative work.

  • It allows the operation of the fund to be administered by a third party.

  • It allows access to the best investment products, tax exempt.

  • The participant clearly understands how is saving is shaping up.

  • The employee is able to consult the statement of his account by means of Actinver's website.

  • Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Associationalso (known in Mexico as Acta Constitutiva ).

  • Copy of the Company taxpayer number.

  • Copy of confirmation of the address of the company.

  • Rules or statutes (form in which the fund or the savings corporation will be managed).

  • Copy of the identification of the people that will form part of the committee.

  • Copy of the official identification of the legal representative.

Note: After the savings fund has been duly constituted, the documents of the company need to be substituted for those of the fund.