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Brokerage House
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  • The largest non bank affiliated intermediary in Mexico.

  • ACTIVE participant in financial markets.

  • INDEPENDENT institution free of conflicts of interest.

  • AGILE and institutional decision taking process.

  • Extensive national presence with 46 offices.

  • The brokerage house manages more than 12,000 accounts.

  • More than MXN 60 billion under management.

  • Team of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

  • Investment Funds: 26 in house funds (Fixed Income, Equity and Hedged) and 37 distributed funds (Fixed Income, Equity and Hedged).
  • Currency operations: US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros and travelers cheques.
  • Asset management (the management of discretionary portfolios).
  • Trust administration.
  • Wide range of banks through which deposit and withdrawals can be made (make the most of the banking infrastructure with more than 10,000 branches throughout the country).
  • Bursanet: “Trading” platform designed for sophisticated investors through which they are able to execute their own trades in the financial markets.
  • Client Service: By way of our call center, Internet page, online chat service, delivery of financial analysis by way of email, daily bulletins and special client conferences.