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Actinver, through its Brokerage House makes fiduciary activities to administer your patrimony.

Benefits and advantages of a Trust:

  • Simple to stablish.
  • Legal security.
  • Certainty in the administration of the assets.
  • Efficiency in complying with the fiduciary instructions.
  • Creation of a separate wealth entity.
  • Fiduciary anonimity.
  • Efficiency, agility and security at testamentary procedures.
  • In some cases tax deductions apply, according to the aplicable Laws.

Actinver brings you closer to the best investment products on the market, so constantly we are integrating new and attractive options to complement today’s offer.


  • Succession Plan


  • Capital Increasel

  • Group Trust



  • Institutions:

    Pensions, Premium Paid for Time Worked with the Company, Savings Fund.

  • Corporate:

    Stock Hold, Employee Incentives, Payment Methods, Treasury, Research and Development of Technology, Training.

  • Civil Associations:

    Treasury, Education, Scientific, Cultural Scholarships, etc.