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Your account in real time.

Make your financial operations from the comfort of your house or office.

Driven by an advanced technology that facilitates daily transactions, given that the client directly captures the orders in the system from the convenience of any computer.

Bursanet allows easy access to real time prices and graphs through simple navigational tools.

At BURSANET we offer to you

  • Save between 50% to 80% on commissions when buying or selling stocks on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

  • Bursanet will update the status of your Buying Power on a real time basis as your operations are being realized or cancelled.

  • Run times of stock-exchange orders between 2 and 5 seconds.

  • Wide selection of Investment Funds to diversify your investment.

Take Advantage Now
  • Invite a friend to open a new account and both get transactions at 50% the normal cost for 15 days.

  • Bursanet Lounge, where we will receive on a daily basis Bursanet clients who wish to operate in the comfort of a lounge designed to cover their financial needs

Fore more information consult Bursanet website.