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Stock Market

Through the years, Actinver Brokerage House has become one of the best operators on the Mexican Stock Exchange, offering efficient real time execution on all listed stocks, at competitive prices.

Actinver Brokerage House offers you two different account services to manage your wealth


Actinver Brokerage House  offers you an account through which you may efficiently administer your wealth according to your needs with the help of a highly trained executive who will always be at your side to guide you and to execute your instructions, to your benefit.


Bursanet is an online trading system that allows you take 100% control of your investments. With our system, you will realize all your operations at real time, having at hand all the necessary information you need to better make your decisions.

Actinver Brokerage House offers operations in the following:

  • Stocks listed at the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)
  • Foreign Securities listed on the International Trading System (SIC)
  • Trackers (International Indices) listed on International Trading System (SIC)

Fore more information consult the Brokerage House website