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Private Clients

At Actinver, we offer you the best products in the market, and we are constantly adding new options, with both nationally and internationally recognized operators, in order to improve the offering we have today and to facilitate greater diversification in the investment portfolios of our clients.

Investment Funds   Investment Portfolio

Large selection of funds from different families, to diversify your portfolio.

Fixed Funds

Hedged Funds

Mutual Funds


Our investment portfolios have proven to be an excellent choice to invest.


Investment in Equities   Online Trading

Investing in the instruments listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Stock Market


Make your investments from the comfort of your home or office via the Internet.

Online Trading 

Investment in Debt   Derivatives

Invest in high-quality fixed income instruments

Fixed Income Market



Diversify your portfolio with these exciting new instruments.

Derivatives Market and Structured Products

Currency Exchange   Trust

Obtain competitive exchange rates. 

Currency Exchange


Appoint our trust services to manage your wealth.

Trust Services


Consult our research reports covering a range of companies and markets.

Analysis Research