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Saving and Pension Plans

Savings Corporation
  • The savings corporations are systems of voluntary savings between the workers and some company.

  • Consists of the voluntary contribution of the employee, without the company to have the commitment of some contribution..

  • Needs to have a committee.

  • There need to be rules and regulations.

  • The advantage of a savings corporation is that it is a more economical means of financing when compared to more traditional products (such as bank loans etc)..

  • Interest is fixed in accordance with the participants of the savings corporation.

  • There is no cost to the client.

  • Frees the company of excessive administrative work.

  • It allows the operation of the savings to be administered by a third party.

  • It allows access to the best investment products, tax exempt.

  • The participant clearly understands how is saving is shaping up.

  • The employee is able to consult the statement of his account by means of Actinver's website.

  • Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Associationalso (known in Mexico as Acta Constitutiva ).

  • Copy of the Company taxpayer number.

  • Copy of confirmation of the address of the company.

  • Rules or statutes (form in which the fund or the savings corporation will be managed).

  • Copy of the identification of the people that will form part of the committee.

  • Copy of the official identification of the legal representative.

Note: After the savings fund has been duly constituted, the documents of the company need to be substituted for those of the fund.